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The Keystone Fit Process


Find the Right Shoe For You The Keystone Experience

Fit Process
Merkai shoes

Step 1 Understanding your needs

First, one of our fit specialists will talk with you to better understand your needs. For example, your current shoes may just feel wornout, maybe you are experiencing discomfort, or maybe you’re gearing up for a goal race.

We’ll watch you walk in a pair of socks to better understand your biomechanics. This helps us make the best possible footwear recommendation. Don’t forget to bring your old shoes; reading your wear pattern can also help our staffers understand more about how you run or walk.

Step 2 Find the Perfect Match

Armed with what you told us and what we saw, we’ll head to the storeroom and pull three to four pairs of shoes for you to try.

Wear Pattern
Kairos shoes

Step 3 Take Them For a Spin

We’ll ask you to take a few strides in the shoes you like best. It’s super important that you not only walk in the shoes you’re considering, but run in them too. Do some laps around the store or take a run to the end of the block to make sure the fit is a good one.